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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Stickman Street Bicycle Highway Racing

Mountain Bike Riders is a Dirt Bike Game is set in an amazing mountain range. Each level has been packed with challenging terrains for you to ride your motorized dirt bike over.  Use your skills to become the ultimate mountain rider in these 30 amazing levels. Some of the levels require skill, others may require some dangerous motocross jumps!

With the Extreme Race Motor you will feel in a real motorcycle simulator, ride the mountains and a lot of other obstacles in front.

You have to hurry because the gasoline can end and your bike will stop. All levels you will ride through the beautiful mountains with beautiful views the graphics are fantastic!

Mountain Bike Riders, was made using the better graphics! Full HD and 3D graphics with smooth physics control! This is the best game of Extreme Bike Race 3D! Enjoy and come have a lot of fun with this amazing game simulator. In Bike Race Motor has two types of CAM view, choose the best! And enjoy this great game!

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